Internship Application

Each application will collect information about you and your internship plans. Supervisor and Faculty Adviser information will be collected via direct link, sent to them upon submission of your application.

You will be asked to select one application type: For full guidelines, visit the Lazarus Center website

1) Praxis (or Praxis Plus)

For those who seek internship funding ONLY (no credit)

2) Praxis with Credit (or Praxis Plus with Credit) 

For those who want to combine Praxis funding with Internship Credit (IDP 117)

3) Internship Credit 

For those seeking credit ONLY for their internship (IDP 117)

Note: Praxis Plus supports a second Praxis internship associated with Smith concentrations. In order to qualify, an undergraduate student must have previously used a Praxis grant to support the first internship associated with the concentration. Eligibility must be confirmed by your Concentration Director.

Please remember to SAVE YOUR PROGRESS using the link provided (it will not save automatically).

The summer application is now closed. 

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